JP Gallagher and the Fight against Drugs

Bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA is at the forefront of countering the intake of illegal narcotics, but how so? Let’s take a look at how contractors like us are helping commercial establishments help in hindering drug use, abuse, and overdose within their own establishments.

We’re taking the initiative to help reduce the number of overdoses and hinder users from becoming abusers. It is never a good thought to be an instrument of illegal activity, especially if you never intended to. Do your part for the community and stop the drug abuse in your own way. Partner with JP Gallagher and we’ll find solutions for your establishment. Give us a call today so we can start discussing renovation plans. You can also message us through our CONTACT US page or send us an email. You can also head down to our office in Citrus Heights, CA so you can relay your inquiries directly with us.

JP Gallagher is playing a vital role in the war on drugs through dynamic bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA, but we know we can’t accomplish our goals without your help. Be part of the cause, partner with us today!