Read Our Blogs: Ideas to Consider for a Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in California

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling are two of the most popular home renovation projects people in Sacramento go for. This is because these two are the most utilized part of the house, whether if it's just for the family or when you have guests. And so, we at JP Gallagher Construction, Inc. want to help all homeowners of Sacramento to have even more knowledge about the said fields.

That's why we have published these blogs. You don't have to search elsewhere for answers to the most common questions about remodeling anymore. Instead, you can read all about them here! How can you raise your house’s value just by redesigning the kitchen? How can bathroom reconstruction benefit your home? What great designs and ideas can you apply to your rooms?

With our blog entries, you’re sure to know just exactly how we can help with any of your remodeling needs and how you yourself can get started with a remodeling project idea. So feel free to read the blog articles below, not only for fun but also for practicality. It’s also a great way for you to stay tuned to any possible updates in our offers and services, as well as in the field of construction and home remodeling as a whole!


Common Questions Regarding Water Damage Restoration

No matter what the cause or the extent of the damage is, in order to prevent any future problem, mitigation should be handled by a licensed professional for your water damage restoration in Sacramento. If you are the owner of a property that has undergone water damage loss, you probably have tons of questions on […]

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Things to expect to repair during fire or water damages to your home

Having any situation where your home is damaged by either fire or water, be it a big or small destruction, is disheartening to witness. It’s always an overwhelming experience having to clean-up a mess like what water or fire damage can produce. And this mess must only be repaired or restored by professionals. When it […]

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Difference between Water and Fire Restoration

In life, certain accidents and disasters are unavoidable. To make things worse, these disasters are, more often than not, very expensive and time consuming to repair or restore. The most common accidents that destroy our homes are fire and water related accidents or calamities. Being caught under these two extremely unfortunate events is a chaotic, […]

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Finding the Right Builder for Your Construction and Remodeling Needs

One of the most daunting stages when building or remodeling a house is not the process itself but finding the right builder or construction company to help you accomplish your vision. Choosing the right business plays a pivotal role in accomplishing your building or remodeling needs. In Sacramento, fire damage repair businesses play a huge […]

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What to Do While Waiting for Water Damage Restoration in Sacramento

If you have been keeping up with our blogs at J.P. Gallagher Construction, you would know that water damage restoration is a very serious job that should be handled by professionals, especially when mold is involved. However, during your water damage emergency, it is best you do not just stand there and do nothing. There […]

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Get Rid of Odors Caused by Fire and Smoke

When fire does occur, it is vital to start restoration as soon as possible. There are many different layers to fire damage and each should be treated individually and completely. The inferno itself can leave tremendous damage but what is left after the fire dies down includes smoke and ash which can be just as […]

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Your Home Electrical System after Water Damage

After a water damage incident due to flooding or water leakages, there is a high chance that you will be faced with a major electrical mishap. Through our years of providing water damage restoration in Sacramento, we have seen a lot of situations where electrical systems become a major concern. Water and electricity are a […]

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What to Expect from Water Damage Restoration

Excess rain or a broken pipe can create the worst of floods and possibly even damage your furniture and home in general. This can be very traumatizing, and it is understandable if you might feel confused, stressed, and even vulnerable. Reaction time is critical because a flood can happen when you least expect it. When […]

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Essential Things to Do after a Fire Damage

With the recent drought in California, it is nearly impossible to prevent fire. As we have seen in the immense forest fires spreading throughout the state, the damage is unthinkable. JP Gallagher Construction is a company that not only provides Sacramento fire damage repair but also offers tips and advices on what to do should […]

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Preventing Water and Fire Damage in Your Home

At JP Gallagher Construction Inc., we are in the business of water damage restoration in Sacramento as well as fire damage repair. What we are most interested in, is keeping our customers safe and living in damage-free homes. In the unfortunate case that your home should experience a fire or water disaster, we are always […]

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