Read Our Blogs: Ideas to Consider for a Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in California

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling are two of the most popular home renovation projects people in Sacramento go for. This is because these two are the most utilized part of the house, whether if it's just for the family or when you have guests. And so, we at JP Gallagher Construction, Inc. want to help all homeowners of Sacramento to have even more knowledge about the said fields.

That's why we have published these blogs. You don't have to search elsewhere for answers to the most common questions about remodeling anymore. Instead, you can read all about them here! How can you raise your house’s value just by redesigning the kitchen? How can bathroom reconstruction benefit your home? What great designs and ideas can you apply to your rooms?

With our blog entries, you’re sure to know just exactly how we can help with any of your remodeling needs and how you yourself can get started with a remodeling project idea. So feel free to read the blog articles below, not only for fun but also for practicality. It’s also a great way for you to stay tuned to any possible updates in our offers and services, as well as in the field of construction and home remodeling as a whole!


How to Cut Down Costs on Bathroom Remodeling

When thinking about getting your bathroom remodeled, it’s only natural to fantasize about fancy designs that you’ve only ever dreamed of for your perfect bathroom. However, reality hits quickly when you realize that everything depends on how much you are willing to spend. And if you’re on a budget, you need to make smart choices […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Bathroom Remodeling

Photo by: Much like any other successful remodeling project, bathroom remodels in Roseville, CA and anywhere else require thorough planning, forethought, and a well-distributed budget. While both nerve-wracking and exhilarating, the end result of your bathroom remodeling project will highlight one of the many milestones you will have as a homeowner. And that’s why […]

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The Difference Between Marble and Granite Countertops

Photo by: Marble and granite are popular countertop choices because of their gorgeous natural appeal. But each of them comes with its own pros and cons that you should know about before choosing which material to get for your kitchen remodel in Roseville, CA.  Marble and granite have a lot of similarities. For example, […]

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Kitchen Layouts – Top Picks of Interior Designers

Kitchen Layouts – Top Picks of Interior Designers Kitchen layouts are often determined by the size of the home itself. As such, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Even so, how your kitchen furnishings are arranged will make or break the efficiency of your space. No matter how big or small your kitchen may […]

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Layout Ideas That Work for Small Bathrooms

It’s not often that you see large and spacious bathrooms in an average home. But no matter how small or big it is, it’s often one of the hardest-working spaces in the home. From the crack of dawn to dusk, it’s where people kickstart their chaotic morning routines and wind down in the evening. That’s […]

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The Different Types of Shower Walls

Getting a bathroom remodel in Roseville, CA involves a lot of planning. From budget allocation to material acquisition, there’s a lot that goes into any remodeling project.  For bathrooms, the type of shower wall you choose will have a major impact on the look and feel of your entire bathroom. Not just that, but it […]

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What’s the Best Flooring for Bathrooms?

When it comes to choosing your bathroom flooring, there are questions that you have to consider. For example, does it fit the design of the room and the theme of your entire home? What kind of maintenance does it need? How much does it cost? All of those factors affect your choices. But we are […]

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How to Match Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Getting the kitchen theme right is important for a successful kitchen remodel in Roseville, CA, or anywhere else for that matter. So if you want yours to be a success, make sure that your cabinetry and kitchen countertops match your color scheme and overall theme. That’s because keeping everything in theme gives your kitchen a […]

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Should Know

Remodeling is always a fun project, especially if you’ve never done it before. You get to change things up and choose new designs. You can install whatever fixtures you want. And you get to transform the room any way you want. Most often, bathrooms are the number one place that homeowners love to remodel. That’s […]

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Kitchen Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you like it or not, there may come a time when you will have to remodel your kitchen. This is especially true if you’re living in an older house. There are numerous reasons for wanting to remodel your kitchen, but the most common ones are having outdated kitchens, damaged cabinetry, damaged countertops, and other […]

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